RFtagIT (Pty) Ltd is bringing intelligent IOT sensors and IIOT solutions to market that help people protect their homes, conserve water, create agricultural solutions and save money.

Built upon nearly a decade of research and development using the latest technological innovation to provide solutions to many industrial problems.
Our flexible hardware platform is easily scale able allowing RFtagIT to do quick bespoke product development.
The company is headquartered in Cape Town South Africa.
We design and manufacture zero configuration IoT - Internet of Things which we call Tags.

We use WiFI, LoRa, Sigfox, Thingstream & GRPS to connect the devices to the Internet, as well as bluetooth in some cases to talk directly to ourTags.
We provide a system which allows any of these units as well as API's connected to the Internet to interact in what we call a recipe, so for instance a K-Type thermocouple could be used as a trigger to provide output to a relay once a certain temperature threshold has been reached or if a Liquid Level sensor has gone below a certain threshold then engage a pump via our Relay to MQTT bridge.

Rapid Prototyping

We do prototyping of IoT products from design to completion. Allow us to create your prototype, electronics, back-end and front-end.

Measure Data

Measure data using our various IoT cloud based sensors. View the data on your smartphone.

Trigger Actions

Trigger actions based on the data collected through your network of IoT based sensors.